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County Commission Approves FY 2021 Budget; Sunday Sales Ordinance Delayed for Election Certification

by: Summer Kelley

The proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget for Dade County was approved Thursday evening during a Special Called meeting.

The proposed budget was loaded online to the county's website and a public hearing was held a week ago to allow questions and concerns regarding the budget to be addressed to the commission, Deputy County Clerk, and department heads. The approved FY 2021 budget will be loaded to the county's website at

Before the meeting began, commissioners announced that the first reading of the Ordinance allowing Sunday Sales of alcohol in Dade County, which passed in the recent election, was delayed until certification of the election at the state level was complete. Certification at the local level was completed Wednesday. County Executive Ted Rumley asked if the proposed ordinance had been loaded onto the county page as well due to the fact that it was based on the state guidelines.

"It mirrors almost exactly the state statute," County Attorney Robin Rogers said before telling commissioners they could go ahead and put the Sunday Sales ordinance on the county website for people to preview.

Once election results are certified at the state level the county will hold two readings and then vote on adopting the ordinance.

A link to the full meeting is below.

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